Power Flushing

Power Flushing is a process, by which central heating systems are cleansed from sludge by using chemicals with a Power Flushing machine. We connect a Kamco Power Flush machine and Magnacleanse filter to your boiler or central heating system pipe work. We then flush the whole system without removing any additional radiators. The process makes no mess and causes minimal disturbance to the home. Upon completion of the Power Flushing process, the system contains fresh, clean water complete with inhibitor.

Powerflushing clears any sludge, cold spots, corrosion and black iron oxide deposits from your radiators, boiler and central heating pipework and controls. Increase your boiler and central heating system life instantly with a power flush.

Benefits of Power Flushing

The comprehensive, deep-clean of a Power Flush will keep your central heating system in peak performance which will offer you the following:

  • Reduced fuel bills (up to 25%)
  • Improved central heating efficiency
  • Removes magnetite sludge
  • Cleans the whole system, including floor pipe work and controls.
  • Extends pump life
  • Quicker heat up times reducing energy use.
  • Reduces boiler noise.
  • Stops hydrogen gases building up which can then cause radiator corrosion.